3 reasons to #supportlocal roasters

Posted by  Hook Coffee  on  May 29, 2017, 9:03 p.m.

We live in an incredible age.

It's possible to have almost anything you want delivered right to your door. Entire worlds can be discovered online, and it's never been easier to see different parts of the world we live in.

Hook is one of the hundreds of specialty coffee companies in the world. We are not the only roastery that cares about intentional coffee processes. Hook was founded because we recognized the need in Singapore for specialty coffee curators.

Other companies around the world have done this as well! They see a coffee need in their country, and they fill it by opening responsible craft coffee shops and roasteries.

Hook vouches for the local coffee scene. We want countries to support local specialty coffee curators.

There's a misconception that coffee roasters from certain countries are better than others. There are a few reasons why many think this to be true, but ultimately the reasons are unfounded.

Countries like Singapore, Australia, the USA, Canada, and many others all have access to the same coffee roasting technology. A roaster's country or origin does not determine the quality of coffee roast.

There's an interesting article written about the closing quality gaps in coffee quality. Singapore is not only on par with the rest of the world, but it's thriving!

In an interview, Singapore's Adrian Khong recalled a time when he encountered this "coffee location bias." He stated that "There was a writer who said, 'Singapore's coffee is not as good as Australia's.' I'm like, 'F*** off!'"

"There was a writer who said, 'Singapore's coffee is not as good as Australia's.' I'm like, 'F*** off!'"

In this post, we advocate for the local roaster. There are many reasons why you should buy locally in your country!


Reason #1 - Same Technology

All countries that engage in specialty coffee have access to the same gear.

Sure, it may be easier for one country to get a piece of gear due to import laws or foreign relations, but for the most part, all coffee roasters can access good gear.

This means that it's all about who is behind the roaster.

Gear isn't an issue - this means that the man or woman roasting the coffee IS NOT at a disadvantage. The best roasters are meticulous, thoughtful, and thorough. Every country has people that are willing to pursue this work ethic.


Reason #2 - Shipping costs and Freshness

If you order a roast from another country, you will not only be paying more, but you will compromise quality.

Getting coffee from overseas (or in another country far away) is risky. Roasted coffee's freshness can easily be compromised during the shipping process. Not only does it take longer to receive the coffee, but there is a greater risk of damage due to excessive handling processes.

When you buy coffee in your own country, shipping is cheap, and you will receive your coffee within days - preserving freshness and saving money.


Reason #3 - Similar Coffee Sources

This is perhaps the greatest reason as to why you should buy coffee locally.


Coffee doesn't grow where most shops and roasteries sell it. Seattle USA, Melbourne Australia, Oslo Norway... coffee doesn't grow in these places. Thousands of shops and roasteries have to order green, unroasted coffee.

Coffee only grows in very specific parts of the world. It is exported to countries all around the globe that can't grow coffee.

A roastery in Italy could be receiving the same green coffee that a roastery in Australia is receiving. Roasteries in completely different parts of the world use the same coffee! Even in direct trade (where roastery and farmer work side by side), the roaster must choose between allocated lots of coffee. Another roaster would bid on that lot or use coffee that is grown at a nearby farm.

So don't look at the country where a coffee is roasted. Look at where the coffee comes from!


Support your country

It's great to observe what other countries are doing with coffee. That's not a bad thing.

But supporting local is important, for it's not just a money transaction.

Going with local coffee roasters further supports the culmination of the coffee craft. When you support local craft coffee industries, you support local infrastructure, the spread of coffee knowledge, and you receive a stellar product that is as good as anywhere else in the world.



So there is really no point to getting your beans shipped from overseas.

It's more expensive, risky, and counter intuitive to the local spread of coffee knowledge.

Coffee is grown in specific regions - it all comes from the same places! It's ridiculous to think that one country roasts coffee better than another. All people are equal. If one works hard to learn the scientific processes behind coffee roasting, they will succeed.

#supportlocal everyone!


The Hook Coffee Team


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