5 Reasons Employers Should Provide Better Coffee

Posted by  Ernest   on  July 17, 2017, 9:28 p.m.

We've said all of this before, but we will say it again:

Coffee is a part of our culture. It's ingrained in our routines, our social lives, and now, even our work lives. Coffee isn't just a commodity. We enjoy it for its taste and caffeine/health effects, and we use it to get through the day.

Coffee has always been prevalent in the business world. There's a coffee maker to be found somewhere in the office, and groggy employees line up throughout the day to get their fix.

But coffee is changing. It's not just a way to get through the day. It's an enjoyable ritual that helps us focus and stay on track. Craft coffee gained popularity since the beginnings of the specialty industry (post-1974). More people are getting sucked into good coffee every year.

And why shouldn't they?

Craft coffee is more ethical, more tasty, and more fun.

Hook's new initiative is to bring craft coffee to the workplace. It's worth it. Here are five reasons you should grace your employees with a golden brew.


Reason 1 : The Current System Doesn't Work

Much of the coffee that companies provide in their workplace is not brewed correctly. It's not sourced from quality farms, and it isn't roasted correctly.

It also doesn’t help that many companies in Singapore use machines like this. The 3-in-1, we all know well and have a love - hate relationship with. 

We’ve all see this machine buried away in a friend’s pantry. We hide it away because it’s scary. It produces a weird tasting concoction that assaults your taste buds in the worst way. It’s not fun to drink, and it doesn’t taste good.

These machines offer either an under/over extracted brew. The beverages they produce are obtrusive, and unfortunately, employees will drink this because it’s the only option available (or mostly for the milo and teh tarik). 

As we mentioned in an earlier article, standard instant coffee can cost more than quality roasted beans. Craft coffee is cheaper, easier to brew, and tastier. A cheaper, more ethical way to provide a service to the workforce is a win.

You're saving money, and your employees are finally enjoying their coffee at work.

This brings us to the next reason.


Reason 2 : Good Coffee At the Office is a Time Saver

Picture this:

Your employee will leave the office or spend time before work getting coffee at a cafe. This can easily add 30 minutes to a commute or break.

In reality, this sum of time is being lost - by the employer and employee.

Multiply the number of employees by the amount of time they spend getting coffee. This is the amount of time your business can save.

Also, think about this in terms of the employee's time. If you have resources (like coffee) readily available at the workplace, your employees will think of this space as a haven instead of a prison.

Time is invaluable, so let's mitigate losses!


Reason 3 : Company Culture

Providing craft coffee to the workplace can enunciate your culture as a company. Are you a business that cares and watches out for your employees? If so, craft coffee is a cheap and effective way to present this aspect of company culture.

Businesses are beginning to take a more caring approach toward employee life. Yes, Hook understands that craft coffee isn't the answer. Coffee is however, a way to show appreciation and boost effectiveness.


Reason 4 : Quality Craft Coffee is Cheap

Hook offers quality coffee for 50 cents a cup. Your run of the mill instant coffee costs around 65 cents a cup.

Do the math here. Those pennies add up.

Supplementing craft coffee for bean water isn't an expense, it's a cost cut.


Reason 5 : Support for Ethical Business Practices

Coffee is the second largest commodity in the world.

It's an international industry that affects people around the globe. In years past, this large-scale commodity was sold at the expense of others.

The specialty coffee industry is beautiful because instead of exploiting farmers, it works with them.

We work directly with the farmers and cooperatives that provide us with quality grown coffees. We make sure they are compensated for their hard work. The specialty coffee industry provides farmers with the resources to send their kids to school, put food on the table, and start businesses of their own.

Hook is a business that supports these practices. If you're like-minded, feel free to contact us,  We'd love to help you spread the love through the act of coffee!


Are you convinced yet? Feel the need to get better coffee for the office? Get your pantry chief to contact us via the form here, or if you prefer chatting with someone over the phone about bringing Hook Coffee to your workplace, contact us at +65 96259741 and we will be more than happy to help!


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