Coffee Myths Debunked: #2

Posted by  Junior Lim  on  Jan. 14, 2019, 12:37 p.m.


Because it isn’t a happy new year until we bust some myths



It’s 2019 – well, two weeks into 2019. Last year was great for Hook: we roasted crazy amounts of beans (thanks for the support!), launched Hook Bags, and spread the coffee gospel. Suffice to say, 2018 was great. While we claim to be great lovers of coffee (we totally are, just sayin’), we failed to bust some myths that have given the love of our life a bad name, and that is an injustice we’re here to make right today! Let’s cut to the chase – here’s one busted myth to kickstart the new year.


DEBUNKED: Coffee DOES NOT Dehydrate You



We know, Singapore’s weather makes you SWEAT. Excessive sweating coupled with an unforgiving blaze increases one’s risk for dehydration, and while not all of us spend our entire day under the friggin’ sun, mild dehydration is not to be taken lightly either (PSA: people that have a bad habit of not drinking fluids throughout the day, take note). That being said, we’ll bet that anyone’s first instinct would be to avoid drinking coffee because “it’ll dehydrate you”. Nah, don’t sweat it – coffee’s NOT GONNA dehydrate you.

While coffee is a natural diuretic, consumption of it wouldn’t cause you to lose dangerous amounts of fluids that’ll leave you dehydrated! In fact, the amount of water used to make your coffee compensates for dehydrating effects. Interestingly, a 2014 study that examined 50 men found that these regular coffee drinkers (thanks to their coffee habit) experienced similar hydrating effects to water when they consumed coffee! And if that sounds too far-fetched, check this: black coffee is a popular pre-workout drink for those who are all about the gainz – yeah, an activity that really makes you sweat.



And yes, while the sources above appear to center around men, do not fret ladies – coffee is just as hydrating for you! Studies have found that while the percentage of water that constitutes women’s bodies is slightly lesser than the average male, women have been found not to sweat until their bodies have exceeded a certain temperature, one that is higher than men. That is a pretty cool advantage, tbh.



All that being said, we HIGHLY recommend staying hydrated with water as well. While it’s safe to drink coffee because it can hydrate like water, doesn’t mean you should – all good things need moderation too! So, the next time the heat gets the better of you, don’t hesitate to grab a cuppa – piping hot or iced, whatever floats your boat, drink up and get refreshed.


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