Hook Coffee for Work. It is more affordable than you think.

Posted by  Ernest   on  July 9, 2017, 9:58 p.m.

Picture this for a moment:

You rush into the office. You've been racing the clock all morning, and neither food nor coffee is in your system. You can already feel your body shutting down. Your eyelids are heavy, your feet are dragging, and quite frankly, you're not sure if this is really some horrible, dark dream. You need coffee. You need it now.

All hopes die when you come across the dilapidated workplace coffee machine - one that looks like it's been through the apocalypse. This is the morning routine.

Let's state the obvious:

The modern workplace has terrible coffee. It's unfortunate.

Tastier, better coffee is becoming more and more integrated with our lives. With the ever-expanding specialty coffee movement, the coffee industry is not only growing at a rate of 10% a year, but it's also getting tastier!

So why is the modern workplace lacking in this area? Why is good coffee not readily available?

Probably because the world thinks that good coffee in the workplace is an extravagant luxury... which simply isn't true!

Hook Coffee for Workplace would like to change the perception that good coffee is expensive. We are ready to provide an affordable option for great coffee in the workplace.


Changing The Perception


The current perception of coffee quality is that it must be expensive to taste good. Most coffee purveyors upcharge their coffee to a ridiculous degree. Starbucks will serve you something (other than sugary Frappuccinos) that looks bad and tastes bad.

Specialty cafes on the other hand, may be intentional, offering quality craft coffee and service. However, these shops charge the same price as Starbucks - if not more.

We are trained to think that a cup of kopi costs $1 and that it shouldn't cost more than the change in you pocket. At the same time, coffees costing $5 - $6 from a popular cafe are considered a premium (and that every cup should come with complex latte art).

In the kitchen cabinet or office pantry, many people justify having instant coffee because good coffee is too expensive.

This is the price of instant coffee.

$13.90 for 200g of instant coffee - what many associate with being cheap and undesirable - to be this expensive is absurd. Assuming that the average user would use 10g a cup, we are looking at an average cup price of 65 cents.

What if we told you that you could instead enjoy superb coffee in the workplace for under 50 cents?

This is the average price of Hook Coffee For Workplace. By taking this step forward, we hope to change the perception that great tasting coffee needs to be expensive.

Our Offerings


We want to replace that jar of coffee in your workspace pantry with delicious coffee! Hook Coffee For Workplace offers two services.

1) Coffee Supply

2) Machine Leasing 

For those that have a machine


Straight up and simple: getting our coffee in to your pantry.

The offerings: [at wholesale prices]

- The regular pods

Our pods contain some of our best and beloved coffees. These hermetically sealed flavor bombs are designed to fit perfectly with your Nespresso machine. You can bring Hook to your office with a pod and a touch of a button. We sourced great quality coffee to make capsules tastier.

- Whole Beans

Our beans are sourced and roasted with intentionality. We make careful decisions to make sure that what ends up in your cup is one of the best you will ever taste.

Estimated cost per cup of coffee: 0.50 cents 

- Drip bags

All of our Specialty offerings in a convenient package. Our drip bags are fresh, intuitive, and mess free. Simply open, brew the already freshly ground coffee, and enjoy.


For those who do not have a machine


- Espresso machine leasing

We offer a modern range of super-automatic espresso machines. Sophisticated enough for good coffee, and easy enough for anyone to use! Better than an untrained barista.

Lease: Monthly

Estimated cost per cup of coffee: 0.50 cents 


- Capsule / Shotpod compatible machine leasing

We offer these machines on a lease basis with a minimum commitment on capsules. It's a simple way to change the coffee vibe at work.

Lease: Monthly

Estimated cost per cup of coffee: 0.60 cents 


We are excited to be coming into the workplace. Good coffee is for everyone, everywhere.

Get in touch here on how we can help improve your coffee. Your colleagues will be more productive and they will be thankful for it.


The Hook Coffee Team

Hello! We are HookCoffee

At Hook, we want to share our love & knowledge of coffee with you, and with every cup, take you on a journey from our farmers’ hands to yours. We source the finest sustainably grown and ethically produced beans from farms around the world — and this is only the start of making a difference in people’s lives. We roast the coffees locally then send them out to you within a week of roasting so you only get the best & freshest coffees. Visit www.hookcoffee.com.sg to experience this for yourself!