Masterclass series is here!

Posted by  Ernest   on  June 5, 2017, 12:34 p.m.

Hello coffee people!

Things have been going great here at Hook. We are constantly discovering the world of coffee - researching, tasting, and stumbling across new brewing and roasting processes.

Hook digs in to the story behind the coffee, asking questions like "Where did it come from? Why does it taste like this? How can we make it better?"

Specialty coffee exists in a vast realm of complexities. Not only are roasting and brewing practices taken into account when tasting coffee, but one must also observe farming, processing, and shipping practices.

Too much coffee misinformation is out there. That's why we at Hook are in the business of debunking incorrect coffee theories and practices.


Because many valiant farmers, quality graders, roasters, and baristas devote their lives to the coffee craft. Coffee is an organic product. We must protect the coffee species and engage in sustainable farming and brewing practices in order to preserve it.


Masterclass Series: Session 1

Our Masterclass Series is here!

If you weren't already aware, this is what you need to know:

We are doing coffee classes, and you can join us! The first session is called Specialty Coffee Appreciation.

In this class, we will cover the entire seed to cup process - the journey of coffee from the soil to your cup. Sure, coffee tastes great, it wakes you up in the morning, it's fun to brew...

But when you come to understand the ENTIRE journey of how the coffee got from a farm in Ethiopia, into your cup in Singapore, a much greater appreciation is established. We will go through the seed to cup process and then engage in brewing technique and a coffee cupping!

If you want to know more about coffee, brew better coffee, or enjoy coffee more, this class is for you. Grab a ticket before June 10th!

Below is a bit about what we will cover. Hope you can make it!


Seed to Cup

To start, we will cover the coffee journey.

Coffee's transition from a planted seed to a piping hot cup of Joe, is important to understand. Your coffee tastes the way it does because of this journey.

Everything starts with the growing region. 

Growing regions produce coffees with different densities and varietals. This is why an Ethiopian coffee tastes different than a coffee from Costa Rica.

We will also observe farming and coffee processing practices.

Farmers have different methods for growing and processing their coffee. Once coffee is fully grown, the pulp/fruit is removed from the seed (the seed which is what we grind up and drink). These processes for drying and removing coffee's outer skin makes a HUGE impact on coffee flavor. We will cover these processes in the class!


Roast process

The roasting process is when we essentially "cook" the coffee.

After green coffee is shipped from farmer to roaster, it is roasted to be made delectable and drinkable. Roasting science is imperative to understand if good coffee is to be produced.

Like cooking in a culinary setting, coffee roasting is a study of chemical changes. Acid content, caramelization of sugars, and other chemical compounds can be studied and measured. Good roasting practices engage consistency and clarity.


Brewing methods

Session 1 will provide a space for you to discover an array of brewing methods. We will be right there with you to answer questions and give you recommendations on proper brewing practices.

We've been doing this for a while. We've made mistakes, and we've learned the hard way. This is your chance to skip some of the drudgeries of trial and error. Industry professionals will be guiding you the entire way through!

You'll be on your way to perfect brewing!


Flavor Profiles

This is one of the hardest coffee characteristics to understand.

Every coffee tastes different. Roasting, brewing, and farming practices all have an impact on taste. Flavor profiles are how we differentiate types of coffee. We will do the heavy lifting for you and share what we know!


Cupping session

And lastly, we will be ending the class with a cupping session.

We covered cupping a while back in one of our blogs. It's an incredibly important process when deciphering a coffee's characteristics. We will be going through a real cupping session -  guiding you, and showing you what we do every day.


We are psyched to hang out with you all on June 10th.

Don't miss it!

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