Masterclass Series Round Two...Espresso Madness!

Posted by  Ernest   on  June 22, 2017, 7:58 p.m.

Mark your calendars for July 15th everyone.

Masterclass is back, and this time, we will be delving into the intricacies of espresso!

Craft coffee is somewhat alienated in today's world. Sure, there are cafes on every street corner, but there's a severe lack of intentional coffee purveyors.

Because specialty coffee is foreign to many, it can come off as intimidating and snobby.

We at Hook are passionate about debunking coffee snobbery and intimidation. Instead of ignoring coffee outsiders, we aim to educate. The Masterclass is a place where we can grow together, regardless of experience!

For those that join us on July 15th, we will be right there with you - brewing killer espresso and sharing laughs.

Espresso is one of the more complex systems in coffee. This method of coffee extraction is both delicate and aggressive. It's an intricate and powerful way to experience coffee... but preparing the drink can be difficult.

Even if you're an avid home brewer, espresso preparation can be a challenge. Good espresso is impressive. It's the culmination of a myriad of variables and techniques.

To brew killer espresso, one must understand the theories and concepts behind espresso extraction. Our Masterclass course will uncover these mysteries and provide you with the tools to brew liquid gold.


What The Masterclass Will Cover

Espresso Machines

Every barista must be acquainted with the tools of the trade.

The Masterclass is a hands-on experience. You'll be on a machine while we throw all the basics at you - explaining how espresso machines operate, basic maintenance, and the best ways to approach coffee extraction.

A machine brews coffee at a pressure level of 7 - 9 bars. It literally forces water through the espresso, providing a unique and intense extraction. The technology and engineering of these machines are complex. Understanding how they operate and hands-on know-how is crucial.

Espresso machines are the source of most intimidation for new baristas. Instead of cowering before the machine, we will guide you through the espresso storm.



Espresso preparation is key to success.

There are vital steps in the espresso extraction process. One doesn't just grind up some coffee and shove it in the machine. No, there is order and sophistication involved.

Coffee must be ground. A dry mass must be determined. Then a yield must be sought out. After this, the coffee needs to be tamped in the portafilter, placed in the group head and extracted.

This process needs to be like clockwork. Much of the time, espresso recipes must be changed on the fly. Your workstation is your kingdom. We'll teach you how to look after it.



Dosing coincides with espresso theory.

Just like determining a brew ratio when preparing a Chemex or Aeropress, espresso needs to be dialed in.

Espresso is a bit different though. Instead of having an acceptable coffee-to-water ratio range of 1:15 - 1:18, espresso's final volume is 1.5 to 2 times the weight of the dry dose. That's a 1:2 coffee-to-water ratio!

Espresso is a beloved form of coffee. It is strong, but not bitter. Even though it is brewed at a 1:2 ratio, it still can taste sweet and fruity. When dosing properly, espresso is king of the coffee world.


Milk Texturing / Microfoam

One of the most difficult things about crafting a balanced espresso beverage is getting the milk right.

Microfoam is the result of careful heat and agitation measures. When milk is steamed, fats and lipids are broken down - expanding the milk and forming microbubbles. Good milk resembles wet paint. It is easy to pour with, and it is tasty and sweet.

Burning and mindlessly frothing milk is not what craft coffee is about. The Masterclass covers proper milk technique.

You'll find theories and techniques all over the interwebs, but there's nothing like learning on an actual machine. Our Masterclass is taught by veteran baristas. Instead of trudging through misinformation, we will be right there to point you in the right direction.


Extraction Theory

Extraction theory is the understanding of brewing practices.

What happens when water touches the coffee? How long should the coffee brew? How will different temperatures of water react to finer and courser grind settings?

These are questions that extraction theory addresses.

In espresso, we study the effects of temperature, time, pressure, and grind.

It's so easy to mess up espresso. Unlike brewing a V60 or French Press, optimal espresso can be tarnished by 2 or more seconds of unnecessary brewing time. The machines used for espresso extraction are powerful, and simple mistakes can easily compromise quality.

This is why we study the extraction theory of espresso. Espresso is too good to be wasted, so we combat error with knowledge.

The Masterclass will go through optimal extraction procedure.

Underextraction and overextraction is no joke. We will focus on how to adapt to the avoidable flavors that plague espresso. Craft a well-balanced concoction instead of being held slave to bitter or sour flavors!

We think being in control of your coffee is pretty fun. It's hard work, but it's worth it!

Tickets Available here! 

We can't wait to see you all there!

Happy Brewing!

The Hook Coffee Team




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