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In 2005, president of Aerobie, Alan Adler, was unhappy with the time required to brew his coffee. With that dissatisfaction, he set out to bring to life an apparatus that would brew perfectly balanced cups of coffee with minimal work and clean-up necessary, and the Aeropress was born. Years on the Aeropress has a cult-like following, swearing by its versatility, all-rounded quality, and utter convenience. The Aeropress looks like something you’d find in a science lab, which is pretty appropriate for coffee geeks like us! But don’t worry, unlike school science experiments, you can’t go wrong with the Aeropress if you follow the steps.

What you'll need

Aeropress Kit comprising:
1 x Aeropress
1 x Aeropress Filters
1 X Aerpresss Paddle
1 X Aeropress Scoop

Fresh Coffee

A Mug

Weighing Scale (Optional but good to have!)

Brew Time: 90 seconds


Brew Guide

  1. Rinse Aeropress filter on the cap, and discard water.
  2. Fix Aeropress parts together and fill Aeropress with 12g of coffee.
  3. Fill Aeropress with 200ml of water, give it a nice slow stir 5 times with the Aeropress paddle provided in the kit.
  4. Let it steep for 1 minute, and screw cap on.
  5. Place mug upside-down on the top of the Aeropress and flip the whole thing over.
  6. Plunge down steadily immediately. Plunge down until you hear a hissing sound then stop!
  7. Wala! You are done, remove the Aeropress and enjoy this amazing cuppa.

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