French Press

aka Coffee Plunger

A Brew Guide

Let's get brewing!
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The French press goes by many names all over the world. You might know it as the coffee press or the coffee plunger. It is a slow extraction method that works by sitting coffee ground in a container and adding water just shy of boiling. The plunger is then pressed down to force the ground to the bottom of the beaker. After extraction the water is then poured into a cup.

What you'll need

A French Press aka Plunger

Fresh Coffee

Hot Water

Brew Time: 240 seconds


Brew Guide

  1. Add a scoop of coffee into your french press.
  2. Pour the water just shy of boiling into the grounds. (I would like to use the same golden ratio as a V60 here - 12g of coffee to 200ml of water).
  3. Let it steep for 4mins. You can just use your phone timer here.
  4. Push plunger down slowly,
  5. serve and enjoy!

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