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Commonly called drip brew, pour over coffee, and filtered coffee, drip coffee is a straight to the point extraction method. Using only the force of gravity and some coffee ground, this is how your grandmother made her coffee. That is not to say that you can’t make a good drip brew. Like other slow extraction methods, it is a very forgiving method. We personally love this method of brewing coffees, as the clean brew that comes out of it just brings out the wonderful elements you can expect from each coffee!

What you'll need

A V60 Dripper
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A V60 Filter papers

A Bag of Fresh Coffee




Scale (Optional but good to have)

Brew Time: 90 seconds


Brew Guide

  1. Place filter paper into the V60 dripper and make sure there are hole for the grounds to wiggle its way through.
  2. Give the filter paper a rinse with your hot water to remove the papery taste. Your water should be around 90 degrees celsius to brew a good pour over!
  3. Scoop 12g of grounds on top of the filter (remember the golden ratio here is 60g of coffee to 1litre of water). If you have a Hario V60, then you can simply use the scoop provided to measure out approximately 12 grams of coffee.
  4. Pour just enough water to cover the grounds and wait for about 30 seconds - this helps to release the gasses that builds up during roasting to ensure a better brew.
  5. Then keep pouring in a circular motion, and be sure that you pour over any coffee on the sides of the filter until the desired water amount which in this case is 200ml of water.
  6. Once the water has filter through, discard the paper filter and enjoy!

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