A Midsummer Night’s Dream

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Forest Berries Chocolate Roulade

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In a world of magic, fairies, gods and goddesses, exists this enchanting coffee (or love potion) that tastes of rich dark chocolate and romantic forest berries. Regardless of your brew method, it’ll taste like a dream.

Product Information

San Miguel Escobar
1,500 - 1,600m
Bourbon and Typica
Fully Washed

Product Description

The story behind this coffee is as romantic and whimsical as Shakespeare’s popular play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Produced in San Miguel Escobar, a beautiful small town situated at the base of Volcán Agua, approximately 4 miles from Antigua, Guatemala, these coffees display extraordinarily complex and delicious flavours. In the 16th century, San Miguel was the second colonial capital of Guatemala until it was destroyed by a catastrophic mudflow from the volcano in 1541. In present times, it is a typical Guatemalan town and home to many coffee farmers. Plots of coffee stretch up the slopes of the volcano, providing the perfect location for shade-grown, high altitude coffee. There are 30 members in the San Miguel Escobar Cooperative. The farmers are generally small-holders, owning an average of approximately 3 acres of land each. Long term sustainability and sustainable livelihoods is an imminent concern for the cooperative. The farmers and their families harvest the lands and process the coffees with extreme passion and care. This valley is enclosed by three volcanoes: Agua, Fuego and Acatenango. Its climate is temperate year-round with steady moisture that makes this a suitable and perfect place for coffee to be slowly nurtured. Cool nights work in favour of the stabilisation process, allowing for no extreme climate variations between the dry and wet seasons of Guatemala.

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