• Clever Dripper (L)
  • Clever Dripper (L)
  • Clever Dripper (L)

Clever Dripper (L)

S$ 35.00


The Clever Dripper, designed with our revolutionary, patented idea, the Amazing Shut-Off System, helps to make the entire brewing process so simple! The Clever Dripper will only dispense coffee when it is placed on top of a cup. Lift it up, and it stops! 

The Clever Dripper creates the easiest way to brew an incredible rich, robust and aromatic brew without bitterness, acidity or loose ground in a cup. 

Comes in Grey, Clear, White or Brown. The Dripper does not come with the filter papers. 


  • Durable BPA-free plastic body
  • Includes dripper, lid, and coaster

This Dripper makes 4 cups of delicious coffee. 

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