• ES.PRESS.O Kit


S$ 115.00

130.00 +200 beanie points

We've all been there: you crave a creamy cappuccino, or a strong espresso, but you don't own a coffee machine. Fret not, we have the solution for you!

Aeropress + French Press = Cappuccino

Brew your coffee with an Aeropress GO, and froth your milk with a French Press.

That's right, an espresso-like coffee or a cappuccino doesn't have to set you back a couple of thousand dollars. All this method demands is a fun-loving spirit


This Es-PRESS-O Kit comes with 

1 X Aeropress GO

1 X Hook Coffee French Press

1 X 200g bag coffee* specially selected by our team


*If you opt for grounds, it will ground for MOKA POT. Check out our recipe HERE.

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