Hands Off My Nuts

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Honey Coated Nuts

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There are few things we’re possessive and selfish about, and this coffee is one of them. That’s because we’re obsessed with its luscious nuttiness and subtle sweetness. Hazelnut and almond notes are detectable, and accompanied by hints of beautiful wild flower honey. To top things off, this coffee is exceptionally creamy and well-balanced, with a clean and satisfying aftertaste. It’s hard to blame anyone for not wanting to share this coffee.

Product Information

Salto De Bordones Smallholders
Castillo, Caturra

Product Description

El Libano is located at the north of the State of Tolima. Coffee is the main economic activity of the municipality, and the small-lot farmers depend on this activity for their livelihoods. Thanks to geographical condition of this area, which is characterized by warm winds during the day from the Magdalena River valley and cold overnight winds coming from the mountains of the surrounding national park, the coffees produced here are carefully and responsibly processed to deliver a well-balanced cup with subtle sweetness, nuttiness, and acidity.

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