Kopi-ng Mechanism

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Honey Jackfruits, Brown Sugar, Spices

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Packed with the sweet aroma of honey jackfruit, cheeky hints of brown sugar, and topped off with spices like cardamom. This mouth-watering coffee is sure to lift your spirits and soothe away the stay home blues. A reminder to take things one day at a time with the help of Kopi-Ng Mechanism.

Product Information

Smallholder Farmers from Garut
1200-1700 M
Old Tree Typica, S-795

Product Description

We've roasted this coffee to a Medium roast to highlight the coffee's tropical fruit notes, sweetness, and cleanliness.

This special coffee was also grown in the tropics and harvested by smallholder farmers in the village of Garut located in West Java, Indonesia. The village is situated in a valley and is surrounded by various active volcanos. This contributes to the quality of the coffees that are grown there; Volcanic soil provides an immense amount of nutrition for crops and especially so for coffee plants. The fertile soil provides the perfect base for the coffee cultivation. The coffee we have acquired are grown on the slopes of Mount Papandayan, at an elevation of 1200 – 1700 meters above sea level. Mount Papandayan remains an active volcano, with the most recent eruption being November 2002.

The rich and fertile soil coupled with the higher elevation of the valley, allows some of the perfect conditions for coffee to grow. This means that the environment is cool and allows the fruits to grow at a slower pace, accumulating more sugars as it develops.

Among the varietals grown here are Linie S-795 as well as Old Tree Typicas! These are some of the original Typicas trees that were brought over from Yemen. The very first coffee trees of the Typica lineage were introduced to the island of Java sometime in 1696-1699. Studies seems to indicate that aside from India, Java was the first destination for coffee from Yemen.

Given such ideal conditions for coffee growing, the quality of the coffee will improve even further with proper farming techniques. With an annual production of only 200MT, coffee production is done in tiny batches but to high standards.

The farmers take immense care to pick only the ripest of cherries and take a step further with processing. While Gilling Basah is the most common way of processing coffee in Indonesia; what also sets this lot apart is that it is Natural processed. Also known as dry-processed, cherries are harvested, sorted, and left to dry in the sun, with the seeds still in the fruit. As the lot dries, it must be turned regularly to ensure that the cherries are able to dry as evenly as possible. Otherwise, it will run the risk of over-fermenting on one side, producing an off-putting vinegary defect.

The terroir and hard work of the producers can be seen in the cup; it possesses a rich and sweet flavour profile; with tasting notes of Brown Sugar, Tropical Fruit, Jackfruit, and Caramel. Body is medium and creamy, with a clean finish.


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