Freshly roasted to precision and
hermetically sealed to preserve the
coffees’ freshness, Hook’s Shot-Pods
contain some of our best and most
beloved coffees, developed to work
perfectly with your
Nespresso machine.
Now, you can enjoy the same fresh
and great tasting coffees from
Hook at the touch of a button.

ShotPods are delivered to you in sets of 20.

Cocoa Channel

Mix, India

Hints of
Dark Chocolates

Acidity: Low

Intensity: 12/12

Brazilian Tan

Mato Grosso, Brazil

Hints of
Bittersweet Chocolates & Hazelnuts

Acidity: Low

Intensity: 11/12

Hands off my Nuts! Shotpods

Cauca, Colombia

Hints of
Honey Coated Nuts

Acidity: Medium

Intensity: 9/12

Give Me S’mores Shotpods

Karnataka, India, India

Hints of
Hot Chocolate, Marshmallows, and Spice

Acidity: Low

Intensity: 11/12

The Godfather ShotPods

La Paz, Honduras

Hints of
Dark Caramel Sticky Date Pudding

Acidity: Low

Intensity: 11/12

Birds of Paradise Shotpods

Purosa, Eastern Highlands, Papua New Guinea

Hints of
Dark Chocolate and Stone Fruits

Acidity: Medium

Intensity: 8/12

Sweet Bundchen Shotpods

Minas Gerais, Brazil

Hints of
Kinder Bueno

Acidity: Low

Intensity: 6/12

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