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How Hook Coffee Works

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Why We Are Perfect For You

New Day, New Coffee

Variety is the spice of life – that includes your life in the workplace. We pride ourselves on providing a wide range of coffees, keeping you excited and energised each day.

Commitment to Freshness and Quality

Our coffees are sourced from the world’s best farms. With a Specialty Grade 80 and above, our coffees are freshly roasted locally in our dedicated facility.

Coffee With a Heart

We source our coffees sustainably and live by that mantra. Our farmers earn the cut they deserve for their craft, and you don’t pay more than needed – everyone with us deserves only the best.

Brands That've Been Hooked

What Our Clients Say

  • Hook Coffee has been the choice for MoneySmart the last 2 years. Their coffee beans are fresh and are of consistently high quality. Needless to say, our team loves it! Our coffee machine also receives regular servicing from Hook, keeping it in tip-top condition, and the coffee flowing!

    Performance Marketing Manager, MoneySmart
  • We have been testing options to bring fresh, convenient and fast coffee to the office, and Kit and Ernest have been really supportive and flexible in my quest to share the joy of better coffee. There are now two camps: Shotpods vs Fresh Beans! Either way, the team will never go back to 3-in-1. Thanks, Hook Coffee!

    Head of GrabCar, Singapore