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Everything we do comes down to a simple calling _to empower coffee farmers and coffee lovers.

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Make Coffee Better

Hook Coffee is a coffee brand by and for ordinary people with extraordinary lives. We source beans from the world’s best farms, roast with state-of-the-art roasters, and deliver freshly roasted coffees direct to you.

Through machine learning and constant conversations with our customers, we are creating a coffee experience tailored for you, while making specialty coffee relatable and accessible to all. Everything we do comes down to a simple calling — to empower coffee farmers and coffee lovers alike to #MakeCoffeeBetter.

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What We Believe In

Everyone can make fresh and great tasting coffee. At home or at work, as long as the beans are grown and processed at the best farms, and freshly roasted with love and care, great coffee should be a simple affair.

That is why we source only the finest coffees, delivered to you within a week of roasting. Caution: don’t get startled when that heavenly aroma hits you!

We pride ourselves on paying our farmers above the market rate. They receive a bigger share of the final retail value, and you receive a higher quality product.

This is our way of expressing appreciation for their craft, as growing and processing specialty coffee is an art.

Your business with us goes beyond simple profits. At Hook Coffee, a relationship built on a mutual appreciation for coffee is deeply valued.

Focus on enjoying the coffee without feeling tied down. If you require adjustments to your coffee supply, reach out to us – your experience is at the heart of our operations.s

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No one should have to worry about running out of their favourite beans, nor settle for stale coffee.

We understand the importance of great coffee, hence our mission:
Making freshly roasted specialty coffee accessible for you.

Customise your delivery frequency and have your coffee delivered just the way you like it, straight to your workplace!

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What Our Clients Say

  • Hook Coffee has been the choice for MoneySmart the last 2 years. Their coffee beans are fresh and are of consistently high quality. Needless to say, our team loves it! Our coffee machine also receives regular servicing from Hook, keeping it in tip-top condition, and the coffee flowing!

    Performance Marketing Manager, MoneySmart
  • We have been testing options to bring fresh, convenient and fast coffee to the office, and Kit and Ernest have been really supportive and flexible in my quest to share the joy of better coffee. There are now two camps: Shotpods vs Fresh Beans! Either way, the team will never go back to 3-in-1. Thanks, Hook Coffee!

    Head of GrabCar, Singapore