Machines & Pricing

A comprehensive guide to the machines that best suit your needs.

Breville Oracle

Perfect for the office with adventurous ones or coffee geeks, the Breville Oracle allows for dabbling with variables such as grind size, dose, temperature, etc. – all things geeky that make for a fun experience and a satisfying cuppa!

Recommended Office Size: 1 Coffee Geek


WMF 1100S

For the office abundantly staffed with those who absolutely need their caffeine fix at all hours of the day, the WMF 1100S is the high volume solution to meet these demands.

Recommended Office Size: Up to 100 pax


JURA X8 Espresso Machine

Great for the office staffed with espresso die-hards, the JURA X8 is a super-automatic espresso machine designed to deliver high volume at great value. Best fit for medium to large offices.

Recommended Office Size: Up to 80 pax


JURA WE8 Espresso Machine

For the office filled with espresso lovers, the JURA WE8 offers a one-touch solution for that perfect, aromatic shot. We recommend this machine for the small- to medium-sized office.

Recommended Office Size: Up to 30 pax


Marco BRUF60M

Compact in size with no-frills, the Marco BRUF60M is perfect for small offices. Focusing on filter brews, this machine is your gateway to essential pre-meeting fuel or for those that appreciate a quality pourover.

Recommended Office Size: Up to 10 pax


What Our Clients Say

  • Hook Coffee has been the choice for MoneySmart the last 2 years. Their coffee beans are fresh and are of consistently high quality. Needless to say, our team loves it! Our coffee machine also receives regular servicing from Hook, keeping it in tip-top condition, and the coffee flowing!

    Performance Marketing Manager, MoneySmart
  • We have been testing options to bring fresh, convenient and fast coffee to the office, and Kit and Ernest have been really supportive and flexible in my quest to share the joy of better coffee. There are now two camps: Shotpods vs Fresh Beans! Either way, the team will never go back to 3-in-1. Thanks, Hook Coffee!

    Head of GrabCar, Singapore