Hook Coffee is a coffee brand by and for ordinary people with extraordinary lives. We source beans from the world’s best farms, roast with state-of-the-art roasters, and deliver freshly roasted coffees direct to our customers. Through machine learning and constant conversations with our customers, we are creating a coffee experience specially for you, while making specialty coffee relatable and accessible to all. Everything we do comes down to a simple calling — to empower coffee farmers and coffee lovers alike to #MakeCoffeeBetter.



Because no one should have to worry about running out of their favourite beans or stock up & settle for stale coffee (we’ve been there and understand that pain), we make freshly roasted specialty coffee conveniently accessible to you. You can customise your delivery frequency and we’ll deliver you your coffee just the way you want it, straight to your mailbox!


  1. We believe everyone can make their own fresh and great tasting coffee at home or at work as long as the beans are grown and processed at the best farms, and freshly roasted with love and care. That’s why we source only the finest and always send out your coffee to you within 1 week of roasting. Don’t get too startled when that heavenly aroma hits you!
  2. We’re big on sustainability so we’ve adopted the Direct Trademodel to give you traceability of our coffees and ethical choices. Our farmers receive a bigger share of the final retail value and this is just one of the ways we show our appreciation for their skills and hard work as growing and processing specialty coffee is a real art. We aren’t 100% Direct Trade yet, but we’re definitely getting there.
  3. Although we think you’re likely to get hooked on us, we know commitment can be a scary thing. We won’t tie you to any contract — you can edit, pause or cancel your subscription at any time, with zero commitment. And since change is only natural, you can update your profile so we can recommend you a coffee better suited to your needs and preferences.

It takes at least 3 years for a coffee seedling to grow into a tree, up to 4 weeks for coffee cherries to be processed (depending on the method and climate), and 8-12 minutes to roast coffee beans. Finally, it takes an average 7-10 days for freshly roasted coffee to “de-gas”, which helps the beans to settle, giving you a more balanced cup. Since we send out your coffee to you within a week of roasting, by the time you receive it, your coffee is at it’s best for your enjoyment.



A self-proclaimed coffee geek with an intrepid & wild entrepreneurial spirit, Ernest’s ambition in life is to share his love of coffee by bringing great coffee to everyone.

Which brew method best describes Ernest? The Espresso — He’s high energy, dynamic, bold, and can do some pretty decent latte art.


Faye is a coffeeholic who thinks specialty coffee shouldn’t just be about better coffee, but also about sustainable livelihoods and making a diff in people’s lives and the environment.

Which brew method best describes Faye? The AeroPress — She’s all about achieving that perfect balance and works well under pressure.