Crazy Rich Almonds

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Almond Chocolate Bar

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Imagine biting into the most luscious deep dark chocolate bar, with hints of roasted almonds along the way. Crazy Rich Almonds boasts tasting notes of just that, with low acidity and a full, rounded body. This coffee ain't just rich, they are crazy rich.

Product Information

Licia Maria da Silva Dias, "Tuca" Dias
1100-1400 MASL
Yellow Catuai

Product Description

This coffee is incredibly delicious, showing the potential of what Brazilian coffee can be beyond the "standard" taste profile of low acidity, chocolates and nutty. This lot posseses complexity, with a very sweet base reminding us of chocolates and almonds. The aroma diffused from opening the bag will greet you with fresh berries. Mouthfeel is creamy and finish is lasting. This is one coffee to remember.

This coffee is roasted to a "Medium" degree, best suited for a wide range of brews.

The Santa Alina Farm is in the Vale da Grama Region, of Sao Paulo. The land ranges 885 hectares, with 257.31 hectares devoted to coffee production. Within the area also contains 70 houses which are home for 30 families who work and contribute daily to Vale da Grama.

The farm’s annual output reaches 6,500 bags, with a majority of them coming from micro-lots, which is the reason why Fazenda Santa Alina has consistently managed to grow some of the finest specialty coffees of the region. The farm produces a number of different varietals from Bourbons to Mundo Novo, as well as Catuai.

In 1907, the Fazenda Santa Alina was acquired by the brothers, Joaquim Bernardes da Silva Dias, and Lindopho de Caravalho Dias and has since been family owned. During the 1930s, Joaquim Bernardes de Caravalho took over the farm and increased coffee production, mainly red bourbon trees were grown. Joaquim Bernardes da Silva Dias died in 1935. One year later, Joaquim Bernardes da Silva II was born, bearing the same name as his deceased grandfather.

The farm is now managed by Lucia Maria da Silva Dias, and the family’s business partner, Rodrigo Fernandes.

Lucia Maria da Silva Dias (nickname: Tuca Dias) left the farm at a young age to live in São Paulo, where she lived as a successful architect and initially did not intend to return to the farm. After the death of her grandfather (Joaquim Bernardes de Caravalho), the Fazenda family planned to let Santa Alina rent out the coffee they had been passionately pursuing since 1907. In 2010, however, Tuca returned to Vale de Grama. Since then she manages the farm with the business partner of the family, Rodrigo Fernandes.

To produce coffee of the highest quality, Tuca and Rodrigo have passionately reshaped the farm in the last years. They relocated the patios from the valley to higher altitudes, thereby skipping the late-night humidity and early morning dew. Investments into new varieties of coffee trees made Fazenda Santa Alina one of the first Brazilian farms to grow Bourbon Amarelo.


The living and working conditions of the farmers being a top-priority, a bottom-up management style has been implemented, enabling active participation and direct communication. Furthermore, they invested in education, offering courses ranging from financial decision-making to sports and culture.    

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