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How clever is the clever dripper?

How clever is the clever dripper?

Imagine waking up in the morning. The day barely started, and you're already fighting the onslaught of menial tasks that make up the sunrise routine. After half an hour of preparation, you realize that your coffee needs have not been quenched. There's still so much to do, and the thought of brewing up a pour over is bitter sweet. You don't have time to spend ten minutes making a coffee elixir...but then you remember that a clever dripper sits triumphantly amongst your deluge of coffee gear.

Your morning can rest easy

It comes as no surprise that the Clever Dripper is an industry favorite. The simple brew method basks in the aura of simplicity and utility.


What is it?

The Clever is an Immersion method.

[Immersion- a method of brewing that incorporates the use of submersion. The ground coffee mass is submersed in water for a short period of time and then filtered and decanted. Immersion brew methods typically contain more brew colloids - coffee particles that are responsible for a thick mouthfeel - than pour over methods. Unlike popular belief, Immersion brew methods are not used to concoct "darker brews." Immersion methods capture the body of the coffee.]


Tech aspects

The Clever Dripper is an 18oz conical manual immersion device. It comes with a coaster and lid. To decant brewed coffee, simply set the Clever on a mug or carafe - this will trigger the release valve. There is a rubber stopper at the bottom of the Clever. The release valve can be engaged by something with the diameter of a coffee cup.

Cleaning is quick and easy, and the filters used are readily available.


The conical plastic brewing device is a favorite for a few reasons:

1) Durability

If you drop your Clever, it probably won't break. Don't be fooled by the "plastic" descriptor. The reinforced plastic is reliable, and the conical shape prevents much damage to incur if dropped.

2) Simplicity

As stated before, the Clever is a simple, no-games brew device. Here's what the process looks like:

- Insert Melitta #4 filter. These filters are readily available at many grocery stores (depending on where you live), so if you need filters in a pinch, don't sweat it.

- Weigh and grind coffee, heat water, and pre-wet filter.

- Pour water over the ground coffee. Let the brew sit for the allotted period of time (according to your recipe). When time is up, set the Clever on a decanter or mug; triggering the release valve.

- Gorgeous golden coffee shall pour forth from thine Clever and into thine cup!



Many of us embark upon travel frequently. It's a way of life that can be inconvenient, and we must compromise some of our preferences.

Whether you're away from home because of work or leisure, you don't have to compromise good coffee - not all the time at least.

Our favorite travel method is the Aeropress, but the Clever Dripper is our second pick. Both the Aeropress and the Clever are low maintenance, making them ideal for business trips and vacations. Your Clever Dripper will be a tad bulky in your suitcase, but if you have a little extra room you should be fine.

All you need to brew with Clever is a grinder, hot water, and filters. Unlike pour over methods, the Clever Dripper has no need for gooseneck kettle pouring accuracy or extra decanters. If you can find a hot water source, you can brew!


At Home / Versatility

So you may be thinking, "I don't want a piece of plastic amongst my shiny sleek coffee gear."

Well, you'd be missing out.

The aesthetic of the Clever is simple, and it looks good. It can blend in with any coffee arsenal. Many coffee enthusiasts are Clever Dripper patrons, and for good reason.

The device is simple, but there are many ways to manipulate the brew process. You could use a Chemex filter instead of the standard Melitta #4 to achieve a cleaner cup with less body and more clarity. You could easily brew at a 22:1 ratio, experimenting with tea-like consistencies in coffee. You could even use the Clever to filter out homemade cold brew!

Its versatility is a tool any coffee lover should consider.

Here is a video (credits to Elemental coffee) on how it works!

Best part is, we have they stocked under our gears section. If you are tempted to get yourself a new toy after reading this post, here is the direct link to get your hands on it!  

Happy Brewing everyone!

The Hook Coffee Team


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